Caring For Your Redwood Furniture

Classic Redwood Picnic Table with 2 Benches

Your Walking Tall Redwood furniture arrives unfinished and ready to use. Before shipment, please contact us if you would like a finish applied to your product for a small fee. We use boiled linseed oil.

Redwood gives you legendary durability that holds up to the elements with natural beauty. You can let your redwood age gracefully, taking on a distinct gray-weathered look over time or, to keep the wood supple and the color bright, apply a sealer.

To clean, simply wet it with a hose and wipe it down with a rag and a bucket of plain water (no soap), then let air dry. Do not powerwash.

Redwood gives you years of care-free performance with heartwood that is distinctively elegant and naturally resistant to insects and decay. Year after year, redwood beauty endures.